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Sponsor Spotlight: Wow Hydrate
Gateshead FC
Author: Gateshead FC

21st December 2022

A wow-worthy sponsor partnership is keeping The Heed hydrated. 

Gateshead FC is delighted to be partnered with leading sports hydration brand WOW Hydrate.

The supercharged sports drink brand acted as the official hydration partner during the 2021/22 season and are continuing their partnership for the 2022/23 season. As part of this terrific partnership, the Club’s first team are supplied with WOW sports waters in order to aid matchday hydration and recovery.

Packed with powerful nutrients

WOW Hydrate’s range of powerful sports drinks, including electrolyte drinks, protein drinks and protein pro drinks, are packed with a range of performance-boosting nutrients.

The WOW products are powered by science, and are specially designed to provide the nutrients needed to maintain good health, wellbeing and an optimum sports performance. The product range aims to provide individuals with electrolytes, collagen proteins and vitamins whilst remaining one hundred percent sugar free.

WOW’s mission is to empower individuals to perform to the very best of their abilities, enabling them to reach and exceed their goals with the aid of products that are genuinely healthy.


WOW’s Electrolyte Drinks are designed to provide individuals with the electrolytes required to maintain optimal body hydration and a sound pH balance. The electrolytes are pre-mixed into each drink, enabling them to take immediate effect through rapid water absorption.


The line of Protein Drinks and Protein Pro Drinks are designed by WOW to help individuals boost their intake of collagen protein. This promotes muscle mass, regular appetite and is proven to improve the health of skin, hair and nails. Regular collagen protein intake is also known to boost bone health and reduce muscle soreness, too, thus aiding your post-workout recovery.


All of the WOW Hydrate Drinks contain added vitamins B6, C and D, all of which have an important role to play in easing tiredness and fatigue as well as keeping your immune system in shipshape.

Backed by athletes

Whilst the performance-boosting potential of WOW’s hydration speaks for itself, WOW Hydrate is further bolstered by an impressive roster of athletes and sports-professionals championing the brand.

From Harry Maguire and Kevin De Bruyne to Tyson Fury and Jamie Redknapp, Gateshead FC’s First Team are in good company each and every time they take a sip and power their performance with WOW.

To find out more about WOW Hydrate and their fantastic range of performance-optimising drinks, click here.

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