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Sponsor Spotlights: Veloforte
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14th December 2022

A fruitful, plant-powered partnership between Gateshead FC and Veloforte. 

Gateshead Football Club is thrilled to have partnered with world-leading performance nutrition specialists Veloforte.

In 2021, Veloforte became the official nutrition partner of the Heed, enabling our footballers to fuel up on premium-quality, powerfully plant-based nutrition.

Veloforte earned their status as global leaders in performance nutrition by harnessing some of the finest ingredients that the natural world has to offer, making it their mission to take these superior ingredients and transform them into delicious food designed to enhance physical performance, productivity and overall wellness.

Central to the nutrition brand’s mission is their commitment to producing products that are natural, powerful and delicious, in equal measure. With a hashtag of #FuelBetter, their nutrition-boosting bars, shakes, sweets, gels and powders are guaranteed to help you to supercharge your day, no matter how you choose to get active. All of their ground-breaking products are 100% free from gluten, dairy, preservatives and additives, so you can fuel up without compromising. Talk about pure natural goodness!

Veloforte also provides convenient and flexible subscriptions that can be adapted in frequency to each customer’s unique training programmes.

Veloforte energy gel pictured near a dumbbell

As our official nutrition partner, the brand provides our first team players and staff with exemplary-quality nutrition products in order to best facilitate peak performance on the pitch.

Additionally, in honour of this fantastic partnership, the Veloforte Man of the Match is presented after each home fixture in order to shine a light on standout player performances from the Gateshead team.

To find out more about the delicious and nutritious work that Veloforte are doing, click here.

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